The Science

The key to understanding what makes Victory supplements so effective is a concept called bioavailability. Bioavailability simply measures how much of a supplement is absorbed by the body so it can have its intended effect. Liquid supplements are in a pre-dissolved form, which means they are easier for the body to absorb (higher bioavailability) compared to pills or capsules that need to be broken down first (lower bioavailability). In addition to superior bioavailability, Victory supplements have a laundry list of benefits discussed below.

Personalized Dosage

Victory liquid supplements come with droppers allowing for precise dosage adjustments. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with specific nutrient needs or those who require a more personalized intake.

Mixing Convenience

Liquid supplements can be easily mixed with a running water bottle, juice, or smoothies, making them more versatile. This increases compliance and ensures consistent intake.

Gentler on the Digestive System

Some people may experience stomach discomfort or irritation when taking certain vitamins or minerals in pill form. Liquid supplements are typically easier on the digestive system and may reduce the risk of gastrointestinal issues.